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Welcome to Dstv installations Paulshof, where your satellite installations is taken care of. We do Dstv explora installations in Paulshof, ovhd installations and run extra points on your existing dstv installations in Paulshof 

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We as 5 star rated Pro Dstv Installations Paulshof team guarantees you satisfaction on our services. We do provide you with multi choice approved products and make sure you have best signal strength and quality. W also sell and install smart tv boxes for your online tv shows.

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With Dstv explora ultra Paulshof you get more features on your tv than using a normal dstv decoder. Dstv explora ultra helps you to turn your tv to a smart one using internet.The all explora ultra enables you to watch your favourite shows on netflix, Showmax, Disney + and many more online platforms. The explora comes with in build wifi connector and pre loaded apps which makes it easy to use. Also it enables you to record your favourite shows, rewind , have catch up and box office rental . Get your new Dstv explora ultra today and start enjoy yout tv from dstv installations Paulshof, we are 5 star rated dstv installers .

Dstv installers 0784678735
Dstv Triple view installation Paulshof
Did you know that you can install up to three decoders under one subscription. With Dstv Triple view installations Paulshof we he help you connect and link them to your name. We have all the necessary accessories needed to complete the job. 

Remember if you are experiencing an E48-32 error on your decoder, that means your signal is interrupted. This normally happens due to bad weather or a faulty connection on the installation as the error says. Before you call us just try to reboot the decoder by taking out the power cable from the decoder for about 10 seconds and put it back. Make sure the connectors on the white cables are screwed in properly. If all that fails please try to call us for a quick service. We do come and re adjust your signal and make sure everything plays.


If you are experiencing an extra view alert error it means your secondary decoder is not receiving communication from the primary decoder. This happens due to quite a number of things. Either the primary decoder is switched off or the installation needs attention. Also wear and tear of cable, lnb or decoders can cause such errors to pop up. You need to get in touch with Pro Dstv installers Paulshof for a better service and guarantee.